Study In Germany

Germany Has Been Known To Be The Technological And Economic Powerhouse Of The Europe. German Universities Have Drawn A Large Number Of International Students Since The Last Couple Of Decades. The Universities For Higher Education Are Dispersed All Over The Country. The Proximity Of These Universities To Industrial Plants And Various Research Centres Provide An Opportunity For Students To Find Employment And Stay In The Same City. German Universities Offer Over 350 English-Taught Courses Available In Varying Domains.

Germany At A Glance

A Lot Of International Students Flock To Germany For The Tuition Free Studies In The Public Universities. It Is A Politically Safe And Welcoming Country. The Cost Of Living In Germany Is Reasonable As Compared To The Other Countries In Europe. Germany Has A Temperate Climate With Cool Summers And Mild Winters. It Is Known As A Land Of Poets And Thinkers And Has Produced Many Celebrated Composers And Philosophers. It Also Boasts Of Many Famous Inventions Like The Automobile. The Country Has Good Employment Rates And Has Europe’s Highest Economy. Germany Also Happens To Be A Leader In Climate And Energy Policies. Popular Cities Are Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt Etc.

Why Study In Germany?

Tuition Free Education In The Public Universities Of Germany Is The Number One Reason Of Studying There. Germany Offers Excellent Curricula And Infrastructure. More And More Degree Programs Are Being Offered In English In Germany. It Has Around 450 State Accredited Universities That Offer 17, 600 Degree Programs. The German Academic Exchange Service (Daad) Is A Very Famous Scholarship Organization In The Offering Countless Scholarship Programs To Applicants. German Degrees Are Known For Quality And Are Immensely Valued In The Job Market. The German Visa Is Valid For 27 Schengen Countries Including Austria, Denmark, France, Greece And Others.

Free Education In Germany

Germany Is Greatly Popular Among International Students Primarily Because Of The Excellent Universities, The Vibrant Student Life And Excellent Funding Options. Apart From The Above Mentioned Features It Is Also Essential To Note That Germany Is Not So Expensive As Compared To Other European Countries. The Fact That International Undergraduates, Post Graduate Or Research Students Can Mostly Study For Free At Germany, Gives An Added And The Biggest Advantage. If You’re Looking For Options With No Tuition Fee Or Low Tuition Fee, Then This Blog Is Especially For You.

No Tuition Fees For International Students
In 15 States Of Germany

Majority Of The Higher Education Institutions In Germany Are Financed By The State. There Is Usually No Fee For Bachelor's Courses Or Most Of The Master's Courses At State Higher Education Institutions. You May Have To Pay Tuition Fees For Certain Continuing Education Master's Programmes, But The Fee Is Not Particularly As High As Compared To Other Countries. But You Need To Keep In Mind That You May Have To Pay Substantially Higher Fee If You Decide To Pursue A Degree Program In Any Of The Private Higher Education Institutions. This Is Applicable To 15 States Of Germany.

New Rules In One Of The States

Out Of The 16 States Of Germany, The Federal State Of Baden-Württemberg Has Decided To Charge A Certain Amount Of Fee From The International Students Studying Their State.

The Non-Eu Citizens Will Have To Pay Tuition Fees Of Eur 1,500 Per Semester For (Bachelor's, Master's, Diploma And State Examination) Degree Programmes From The 2017/18 Winter Semester Onwards. This Fee Is Not Applicable To Doctoral Students. Students Who Have Already Enrolled For A Degree Programme In Baden-Württemberg But Will Not Graduate By The 2017/18 Ws Need Not Aforementioned Fees.

Monthly Expenses

As An International Student A Budget Of Eur 725 Per Month Will Suffice And In Case You Manage To Get An Affordable Accommodation And Control Your Expenses You Will Very Well Be Able To Manage With This Sum

Free Sports Programs

If You Are Passionate About Sports, You Will Be Delighted To Know That Most Of The Sports Programmes At Higher Education Institutions Are Free For International Students.

Discounts For Students

Apart From The Free Tuition And Free Sports You Can Also Avail A Number Of Discounts For Amusement Like Tickets To The Theatre, Museums, Opera Houses, Cinemas And Other Cultural Institutions. You Just Have To Show Your Valid Student Id.

Part Time Jobs And Scholarships

Once You Have A Fair Idea Of The Cost Of Studying In Germany, You Can Plan How To Fund Your Degree In Germany.

It’s Essential To Note That International Students Do Not Have Unlimited Permission To Work In Germany. Though A Part Time Job Can Help You Raise Your Budget, It's Too Difficult To Fund Your Entire Expenses This Way. As Such It Would Be Better To Apply For A Scholarship. As An International Student You Can Apply To Various Organisations For A Scholarship Like

  • The Daad
  • Party-Related Foundations, And
  • Business-Affiliated Organisations

Smaller Foundations Often Provide Scholarships Based On Particular Subjects Or Cities. Most Of The Higher Education Institutions Offer The Deutschlandstipendium And Approximately Eight Percent Of Recipients Of This Grant Are Foreign Students.

Scholarship Requirements And Probability Of Success

Good Grades In School And University
Social Service
Social, Family-Based Or Personal Criteria
Usually One Third Of The Scholarship Applicants Usually Receive The Funding They Apply For. You Will Probably Get Scholarships Easily From Smaller, Less Well-Known Foundations Than From The Larger Funding Organizations.
Around 80 Percent Of All Students In Germany Have Never Applied For A Scholarship.
Don’t You Think Germany Can Be The Best Place To Study With So Much For Free And The Ample Scholarship Opportunities. Thorough Research And Planning Will Help You Zero Down On The Best Destination To Study Overseas And Make Your Study Overseas Experience Quite Memorable And Rewarding.
Don’t You Think Germany Can Be The Best Place To Study With So Much For Free And The Ample Scholarship Opportunities. Thorough Research And Planning Will Help You Zero Down On The Best Destination To Study Overseas And Make Your Study Overseas Experience Quite Memorable And Rewarding.

General Counseling Information

Type of Courses
  • Bachelor’s
  • Master’s
Courses Duration
  • Bachelor Degree: 3 – 4 Years
  • Master Degree: 1 – 2 Years
Approximate Tuition Fees
  • Bachelor Degree: Approx. 8000 To 12000 Euro
  • Master Degree: Approx. 11000 To 20000 Euro
  • Major Intake: January & September
  • Rolling Intakes :March & April
Academic Eligibility For Admission:
  • Bachelor : 60 To 70 % In HSC (Must Be Above 60 Marks In English Subject)
  • For Master : 65 To 95 % In Bachelor (Must Be Above 60 Marks In English Subject)

  • If English Subject Below 60 Mark, Must Be Required IELTS With Minimum 6 Band.
  • Some Colleges Accept IELTS With Minimum 6 Band. (Not Less Than 5.5 Band In Any Module)

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